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Our focus is purely on patient needs and helping you become more active and able to live a normal, comfortable life. Patients who suffer from a variety of aches, pains and debilitating injuries can experience overall improvement in their quality of life with the proper care and therapy solutions. First Choice Physical Therapy can offer you just that! See below for a list of some of the services we are able to offer you to provide you with a path to better health and mobility.

Orthopedic/Post Surgical

A specialty area that treats patients after surgery of injury to bones, muscles and joints.

Geriatric Physical Therapy
Treats all issues of normal aging such as arthritis, balance disorders, osteoporosis, joint replacements, fibromyalgia.

Manual Therapy
One-On-One, hands-on approach to mobilize the joints with the goal of restoring normal movement and function. Myofacial release, deep friction massage, joint mobilization.

Freedom of movement, freedom of pain

Astym treatment, an innovative rehabilitation technique, addresses old injuries at the root of the problem. Often effective when other treatments have failed, it has brought pain relief and improved performance to many who have suffered for years.

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An evidence-based rehabilitation process designed to effectively treat chronic tendon disorders, scar tissues and fibrosis. The goal of Astym treatment is to stimulate the body’s healing response, resulting in the resorption and remodeling of scar tissue and the regeneration of degenerative tendons. This effective therapy incorporates a customized program of stretching and exercise, which positively influenced the alignment of the new collagen.

Physical Therapy works with children who need to rehabilitate bones, muscles or other body components. Such as CP and neuromuscular disorders.

Custom orthotics are significantly appropriate because each foot has a unique arch and foot type. Each orthotic is made right for you and your condition.
Work-Related Injury
Asses how you work, your postures, movements, lifting, sitting and bending. Individual goal-oriented treatment programs to get you back to work.

Sports Injuries
For competitive and recreational athletes. Any injury that you incur during your activity. It is our goal to return you to play. Focus of treatment is sport/activity specific. Treatment does not just help you recover from your injury; it helps you prevent further injury.

Exercise is critical in rehabilitating your neck and back. Stretching and strengthening help your muscle to increase their ability to absorb shock and strain to decrease spasm. Improper posture and position may create strain that may keep you in pain. PT can teach you the correct posture and positioning that will help reduce the strain on your spine and reduce pain.
Is a from of treatment that involves specific exercises designed to promote central nervous system compensation. Goals for this treatment are improved visual motor control, enhancement of balance and postural control and overall increased activity levels.

Neurological Disorders
Individuals who may benefit from Neuro Rehab are those that suffered a stroke, head injury, balance disorders, Parkinsons, MS.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphedema Bandage and Wraps

LSVT/Parkinsons Treatment
We are now providing treatment by certified LSVT BIG clinicians. LSVT is a highly recognized program for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It is re-education of the sensory motor system with an intensive amplitude-based exercise program. It’s never too late to start thinking BIG.

– 16 sessions: 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks
– Individual 1 hour sessions
– Daily homework practice
– Daily carryover exercises


We work with you…

First Choice Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive range of physical therapy services and solutions and is comprised of a highly knowledgeable and caring staff. Our patient care is built on providing true personal attention and manual therapy techniques and we are absolutely committed to convenient, accessible patient care.

One-on-One Treatments

Our goal is to make each of our patients feel special and unique. We are dedicated to providing patients with one-on-one personal attention and individual care. As a patient, you are never treated like a number; you are absolutely the most important and cared for pieces of this company, and we treat you that way.